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Eligibility Requirements

The Deakin University study program is open to undergraduate students from all fields of study. To be eligible, students must meet the following minimum requirements before departure:

  • sophomore standing
  • an overall GPA of 2.75 or above
  • recommended to have taken college level writing courses

Students must also make satisfactory academic progress throughout the application process and during their study abroad program, and otherwise comply with policies and procedures of the host university, the OUS Office of International Programs, and their home university International Programs Office.

If you do not meet the minimum requirements, please consult with your home campus contact person before applying.

Application Deadlines

The application deadlines are available in the online program brochure.

Application Process

OUS International Programs uses an online application and data management system called Studio Abroad. To submit an application you must create a student account within this system. Once you have created this account, you may begin the application process. Early application is advised.

To create an account and apply for an OUS study abroad program, go to the OUS Application page. Here you can access the OUS Studio Abroad online application system which will take you through all the necessary steps to initiate and complete an application. Be sure to complete all required documents by the application deadline. (We advise you to get an early start since it will take you some time to prepare/gather all the necessary documents.) A $50 application fee is due at the time the application is submitted and is non-refundable under any circumstances.

If you would like additional assistance regarding the application process, we have provided “Step-by-Step Instructions” and “Frequently Asked Questions” at the link above. As you go through the online application process, please consult these documents if you have questions.

Selection and Participation

Selection for the program is based on a review of the student's online application (application form, essays, transcripts, and recommendations) as well as the results of the student’s campus interview.

Participants must meet the eligibility requirements for their chosen program, and be prepared linguistically, academically, and socially to succeed abroad. Overseas study participants must satisfactorily complete the following:

  • Well-written program application
  • Personal interview and language evaluation
  • Timely submission of all required paperwork
  • Attendance at pre-departure orientation sessions
  • Payment of program fees

Program participants must also demonstrate the ability to be successful overseas through evidence of maturity, motivation, and flexibility. Participation in any program is subject to the approval of the OUS International Programs Office, and its partner institutions, which may grant or withhold such approval in their sole discretion.

Acceptance to all study abroad programs involves a significant amount of paperwork for legal, financial, academic and safety reasons. Your Campus Contact and our office are ready to help explain and guide you through the paperwork process; however, it is your responsibility to complete the paperwork in a timely and professional manner.


All students need a valid passport in order to travel to Australia. Information about how and where to apply for a U.S. passport can be found at this website.

Visa Information

Students will also be required to have a student visa, issued by the Australian government, in order to enter Australia to study. Students cannot apply for this visa until they have been accepted by Deakin University and issued a Confirmation of Enrollment (COE). Students will be guided through this process by Deakin and the OUS International Office. U.S. students can typically do the visa process on-line through the Australian Consulate in the U.S.


All students are required to complete a pre-departure orientation that will cover academic, logistical, and financial matters. For detailed information, including dates and locations, please click here.

Campus Contacts

Click on the name of your University for contact information.

Eastern Oregon University

Janet Camp

Inlow Hall 109E
La Grande, OR 97850
(541) 962-3406

Oregon Institute of Technology

Deanne Pandozzi

Klamath Falls, OR 97601 or
(541) 885-1847

Oregon State University*

Tavia Mendez or Marit Legler

International Programs
1600 SW Western Blvd., Suite 290
(541) 737-2672
(541) 737-3772

Portland State University

Rachel Goff

International Affairs,
East Hall 101, Portland, OR 97207
(503) 725-4195

Southern Oregon University

Mary Gardiner

International Programs
Stevenson Union 321
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 552-6336

University of Oregon

Hilary Lord

International Affairs
Oregon Hall 330
Eugene, OR 97403
(541) 346-0022

Western Oregon University

Alaric Trousdale

Study Abroad &
International Exchanges
APS 501
Monmouth, OR 97361
(503) 838-8493

* Also serves as the program Coordinator/Assistant.

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