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Academic Program

The Spring Intensive Program is organized by the division of Deutsch als Fremdsprache ( German as a Foreign Language ) of the University of Tübingen.

The courses are taught by experienced bilingual instructors. They are assisted by German tutors who help in different areas such as homework, conversation, projects, etc.

Upon arrival in Tübingen, students will take a placement test and will be divided into two or more groups by language level (depending on number of students in the program).


The program consists of three integrated academic components:

Grammar Course: a thorough overview of German grammar will be achieved in this course including verb forms and tenses, modal verbs, passive voice, subjunctive, nouns, articles, plurals, adjectives, cases, prepositions, clauses, conjunctions, nominalization, etc.

Reading, Writing, Conversation: using various texts (dialogues, articles, short literary prose, skits, etc.), students will improve reading, writing and communication skills.

German Culture and Civilization: this course starts with basic "survival" techniques (in and out of the classroom) and leads up to contemporary issues in political, social, and cultural life in Germany. Aspects of German history and the political system of the Federal Republic will be covered. Films depicting aspects of life in Germany today will also be examined.
In addition, students may choose to enroll in a GER310 class: Grammar, Listening, Comprehension and Writing. This course begins after the mid-semester retreat and entails 30 hours of instruction. The course ends with a final exam. Admission to this course is limited to those with superior academic performance in the first half of the program.

Class schedule

Except for holidays, class will generally be held five days a week from 9:00 to 12:15, followed by a tutorial in the early afternoon several times a week.


Individual projects on contemporary topics will be presented by students in the course of the program. As a group, the students will prepare a journal of their experiences in Germany.


The tandem program links two speakers of different native languages to trade conversation practice with each other. Students who are interested can be linked up with German native speakers.

Mid-program retreat

This is a 4-5 day long intensive retreat at the Tübingen University Study Center in Blaubeuren near Ulm.

Excursions and Field Trips (subject to change):

  • Stuttgart (capital of Baden-Württemberg)
  • Maiwanderung (hike) and several field trips around Tübingen
  • Lake Constance

Program dates

The Program takes place during the Tübingen summer semester, from early April to early July.

Registration and Credits:

Students participating in this program will be registered at their home university in Oregon and will receive home campus credits for courses taken at the University of Tübingen.

Students are advised to consult with their academic advisor about their plans to study in the Spring Intensive Program.  Students wishing to earn major or minor credits for courses taken at the University of Tübingen are strongly advised to be in frequent communication with their advisor to determine what’s possible.  

While each Oregon institution handles the campus equivalents for the Spring Intensive Program slightly differently, here is an example of what types of credits students can expect to receive for successful participation in the SIP:

Course No.            Course Title                                                Credits
SIP 188            GER: First Year German               4
SIP 288            GER: Second Year German           4
SIP 288            GER: Second Year German           4
SIP 288            GER: Second Year German           4
SIP 288            GER: Landeskunde – German culture             2
SIP 388            GER: Third Year German (optional)                 3

Applying to the Exchange Program:

Each year, several students from the Spring Intensive Program decide to continue into the Oregon/Baden-Württemberg exchange program. If you think you are interested in this option, it is best to start the application process while you are still in Oregon. There is a special information session at the end of the pre-departure orientation in February for those who are considering applying to the exchange program.

If you are unable to make this decision before you leave for the Spring Intensive Program, you can apply from Tübingen, as long as you do so before June 1. Please communicate your decision to the Resident Director as soon as possible, and she can help facilitate the application process. In order to be considered for the exchange program, you must complete the SIP with a “B” average or better.

Campus Contact

Eastern Oregon University

Janet Camp

Inlow Hall 109E
La Grande, OR 97850

(541) 962-3406

Oregon Institute of Technology

Deanne Pandozzi

Klamath Falls, OR 97601
(541) 885- 1847

Oregon State University*

Leslie Lundborg or
Marit Legler

International Programs
1600 SW Western Blvd., Suite 290 or

(541) 737-6465 or (541) 737-3772


Portland State University

Rachel Goff

International Affairs, East Hall 101
Portland, OR 97207

(503) 725-4195

Southern Oregon University

Mary Gardiner

International Programs
Stevenson Union 321
Ashland, OR 97520

(541) 552-6336

University of Oregon

Diane Pritchard

International Programs
Oregon Hall 330
Eugene, OR 97403

(541) 346-1226

Western Oregon University

Alaric Trousdale

Study Abroad &
International Exchanges
APS 501
Monmouth, OR 97361
(503) 838-8493

* Also serves as the program Coordinator/Assistant.

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