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Academics at UCC

The University College Cork (UCC) program is ideal for students in diverse majors as students may enroll in a wide variety of regular university classes in majors including sciences and engineering, social sciences, Celtic studies, humanities and languages.

You can find more information on UCC’s academic profile here:

Early Start: Students can attend a late summer program of intensive study before the Autumn semester, focused on an aspect of Ireland’s archaeology, history or culture. These add additional credits to the semester. Following this program, you will select courses for the semester that complement your Early Start module. Please contact your campus advisor if you wish to add this option to your semester in Ireland. You can learn more about early start here:

Click here to learn more about the "International Summer School in Irish Studies."


To prepare adequately for the study program in Ireland, students participate in an all-day pre-departure orientation here in Oregon (in November and in May). This orientation provides information on cultural adjustment, visas, travel, university policies, and more. Most importantly, you’ll meet other students going to Ireland through the OUS program.

Upon arrival in Ireland, UCC provides a two week welcome program. The program is designed to make the transition into Irish culture and university life as smooth as possible, and combines information meetings with excursions and fun social events (learn Irish dances in an evening of music and dance, or go on a walking tour of Cork). This is followed by a three day orientation, where you receive academic information, meet with department representatives, and learn about administrative and student support services at UCC.

Courses in Ireland

Participants are enrolled as regular students, taking classes with Irish and other international students. There is a range of teaching methods at UCC, often depending upon the discipline of study. Arts and business students, for example, will generally have a combination of lecture and tutorial classes. Lectures can vary in size from 20 to 100 and the associated tutorial classes are much smaller and allow for open discussion of material. Science and Engineering students usually receive a combination of lecture and laboratory classes. Fieldwork may form a large part of some classes. The formal contact hours vary. However, in general, greater emphasis is placed upon independent study outside of class contact hours than students may experience in Oregon.

Courses or classes are called modules at Cork and are generally intended to be undertaken in specific years of a degree. In a UCC undergraduate degree of three years, modules are taken at three levels: first year (100 level), second year (200 level) and third year (300). These are generally equivalent to second, third, and fourth year of a U.S. degree. Oregon students may enroll in any level of courses, provided they have the appropriate prerequisites for any given course.

Most modules have a weighting of 6 ECTS (the European Union standard academic credit). Students are required to take a full-time load while at UCC which is usually 5 modules per semester. The number of credits earned in Oregon for these units will be determined by the student’s home campus. Students at UCC can expect to earn approximately 24 Oregon credits per semester. Please refer to the UCC website for a listing of areas of study:

Registration and Credits

Students participating in this program will be registered at their home university in Oregon and will receive home campus credits for courses taken at UCC. Students’ course work will be reviewed and evaluated by appropriate academic departments at their home institutions. Students must keep detailed records of course outlines, reading lists, exam results, and other work completed to facilitate accurate evaluation by their home university academic departments.

Students are advised to consult with their academic advisor about their plans to study in the Ireland program. Students wishing to earn major or minor credits for courses taken at UCC are strongly advised to be in frequent communication with their advisor to determine what’s possible.

Because of the nature of this program, courses and credits are applied after completion of the program.

UCC Campus

Home to 18,000 students, University College Cork campus developed from its establishment in 1845 into one of Ireland’s major universities. The campus centers on the historic quadrangle, and is an easy walk or bus ride from the city center. UCC prides itself on being an environmentally aware and friendly campus. Its historic heart is complemented by modern, cutting edge technical, laboratory and library facilities. UCC is number 181 in the Times Educational Supplements’ list of the 700 top universities worldwide, and Ireland’s first “five star” university.

UCC is home to students from more than 100 countries, and every year has an International Cultures Fest. Cork offers more than 50 sports clubs, so students can get involved a range of athletic activities, and make use of the excellent arenas, fields, and sports and fitness facilities. Other clubs and societies focus on drama, music, politics, volunteering and other activities. You won’t be short of things to do.

Host University Website

For general information University College Cork visit:
Information specifically for study abroad and exchange students:

Academic Calendar

University College Cork follows a semester-based calendar year.


Key dates for each year are found here:

Campus Contacts

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* Also serves as the program Coordinator/Assistant.

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